The Salt Lick in Texas

The company my husband works for has offices in Austin and we have friends there.  We went down in November to go to the Renfest (another post to come 🙂 ) and a must stop is going to the Salt Lick outside of Austin.  Amazing BBQ!  Salt Lick 3 2013

I’m talking finger licking good BBQ.  🙂  It’s a casual, cash based place with rustic picnic tables.  There are two main buildings and if you don’t time it right there is a very long wait.

Salt Lick 1 2013

The pit where all the flavours happen.

salt lick 2 2013

I would be remiss in not having some pecan pie for dessert.  Well, I ordered some for takeaway as there is a limit on what I can eat in one sitting.  😉

Salt Lick 4 2013

The best bit I think is part of the group of friends includes a lovely lady who is a wine importer.  As this place is a BYOB, she comes with a great selection of wines and glasses.  It’s all very civilized.  It’s funny how many people stop at our table to say they should have thought of that.  Salt Lick has started provided some wines from their winery but you have to buy the bottles from that and then have it at your table.

Salt Lick 5 2013

Of course when the food comes it gets a little quieter round the table.  I’m not a fan of coleslaw or beans so I just ask for the potatoes.  I always forget the double the potatoes!  Way too much.  We also get the BBQ sauces to bring home with us and the dry rub.  Yummy.  🙂

24 thoughts on “The Salt Lick in Texas

    • Oh it’s ridiculous! That photo was more than two meals for me and I still couldn’t finish the potatoes. When we go out to eat my husband and I often split a starter or an entree. It’s cheaper and more realistic for portions.

  1. I am painfully, horrifyingly, jealous! I’ve seen this place featured on a few food shows and on the travel channel. I’ve wanted to eat at the Salt Lick forever. That pit is one of a kind (or so they say)!

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