Chicken Marsala

I love mushrooms.  Just not raw.  Fortunately there are an endless number of recipes out there.  It was just Rich and I last night for dinner so I thought I would do Chicken Marsala and Roast Potatoes.  I had to go buy Marsala wine and I couldn’t find it.  I was looking in the wine section because if you don’t want to drink plonk you don’t want to cook with plonk! But I had to ask.  The two young guys thought I wanted to use cooking wine so they thought they needed to set me straight!  Took a moment to get through to them that I wanted the good stuff.  They were really nice about it but they were trying to convert a convert!

The inspiration this time was from

I used regular white button mushrooms as that is what I had on hand but I usually like to use shitake mushrooms for something like this.

The recipe called for pounding out the chicken.  I don’t do this as a general rule as I find you can end up with dry chicken.  I took one breast and sliced it in half lengthwise for two small pieces and added salt and pepper before dredging it in flour.

These are potatoes from our garden and they are delicious!  A trick I learned from my mum is to microwave the potatoes prior to roasting or baking them.  Cuts the cooking time significantly and you don’t notice they have been microwaved.  Depending on the quantity I microwave the potatoes 6-9 minutes.  I do them in our toaster oven and I put the temp at 450F. This time I roasted them in olive oil and salt and pepper.  Don’t get me wrong I love them roasted in lard or shortening but it’s not as healthy!

Per the recipe suggestion I used oregano from our garden.  This is such an easy recipe and takes less than 20 minutes to through together.  The potatoes can take longer depending on how browned you want them.