Let’s Be Radical and Say Down With Resolutions!

New Years Eve 1 2014

Ah the time of year where resolutions fly willy nilly dooming their proclaimers to failure.  I used to be a big fan of resolutions.  It’s a rookie mistake and after a few years (ok several) I realised I was following the definition of insanity.  If you keep doing the same thing expecting different results….

I suppose, as I get older (not old), I’m less worried about what needs to be fixed.  And I am lucky as there isn’t much to fix.  It’s been another wonderful year with my husband and kids.  They are healthy, happy, and doing well.  What more could I wish for?

Hopefully 2015 will be just as good.  I do know one thing for certain.  I won’t make the year without my daughter passing me in height and my son is hot on her heels!  I’m destined to be the short one in the family.  🙂

I wish everyone a very happy and healthy 2015.  And cheers to a fun night tonight!