A Feast for the Eyes – La Boqueria

Was there ever a point in your childhood when you were let loose in a candy store?  You were overwhelmed and couldn’t believe all the treats swimming before your eyes?  Not knowing which way to look and didn’t want to miss anything.  This is exactly how I felt when we entered the La Boqueria in Barcelona.

This place is insanely fabulous.  It was lively, bustling, ingredients everywhere, I mean you need it just look and you’ll find it.  All fresh food waiting to be taken home.  The hard part was it was look but don’t touch for us as our kitchen was over 3000 miles away.  I felt so inspired and could have just started cooking right there.

La Boqueria has roots going back centuries.  It began around 1217 as a meat market and just stuck around for centuries until the early 1800’s when it was finally recognised as a legal market.  It “officially” opened in 1840.  We heard a few people mention the market and just said it was a place to check out.  As we like food off we went.  So glad we did!

I took several photos as we went round and I wanted to share them with you.

La Boqueria 1 2013 La Boqueria 2 2013 La Boqueria 3 2013 La Boqueria 4 2013 La Boqueria 5 2013 La Boqueria 6 2013 La Boqueria 7 2013 La Boqueria 8 2013 La Boqueria 9 2013 La Boqueria 10 2013 La Boqueria 11 2013 La Boqueria 12 2013 La Boqueria 13 2013 La Boqueria 14 2013

We have nothing like this where we are.  Maybe that’s a good thing in that you’d never get me to leave but on the other hand to have all these ingredients near by would be wonderful.  The things I would be able to cook!

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