Seared Tuna in a Cup

Our son turns 10 soon, where does the time go?  But because we did the family celebrations this past Sunday he gets to enjoy a month of celebrations.  Needless to say he’s tickled pink.  But given our kids live in two households and then the various extended families their birthdays can go on for a few weeks.  It takes awhile to get it all in!

As a treat for the birthdays I did up my raspberry lemon cupcakes and decorated a few of them as minions.  You can’t go wrong with minions!

Seared Tuna 6 2014

In addition to the chicken salad on apple slices I wanted to do a seafood dish.  This dish would be great for a tapas night as well.  In a bowl add two avocados.

Seared Tuna Avocado 1 2014

Finely chop up a bit of red onion.

Seared Tuna Avocado 2 2014

Mash them together and add lime juice to taste, adobe seasoning, cilantro, and chili powder.   Season with salt and pepper to taste.  To keep it from browning add the avocado pits to the dish.  I made this a few hours ahead of time as this gets put together at time of serving.

Seared Tuna Avocado 3 2014

For the BBQ we had wood available to cook over.  I brought a grill pan to sear the tuna.  Season with salt and pepper then sear both sides.  This only takes a couple of minutes.

Seared Tuna Avocado 4 2014

Fill mini phyllo cups with the avocado and then top with the sliced tuna.

Seared Tuna Avocado 5 2014

It was an enjoyable day enjoying good food, beautiful weather, and listening to the kids playing and laughing.


Mushroom Cups and Being a Drowned Rat…

It’s official.  I am protesting Mother Nature.  And my poor timing.  I seem to have the uncanny ability to pick the wrong times to walk the dogs.  And I do try to get it right.  This week, however, I am failing miserably.  Tuesday night I had limited time to walk the dogs and it was pouring rain.  I checked the radar and it looked like it would rain quite hard for over an hour so off I went with the two dogs.  In a couple of minutes we were all soaked through.  And wouldn’t you know it, the sun poked through the clouds and the rain backed off at the end of the walk.

Last night, again torrential rain, honestly it is like a giant is standing up there with buckets of water.  Flooding in the area is quick and messy.  So the rain backed off and I thought here was my chance.  Grabbed the dogs and raced out.  I was about 3 doors down (no pun intended) and the skies opened up. I would have been dryer if I had taken a shower.  I had to wring my clothes out before I went in.  I am now familiar with how a drowned rat feels!

So while I was warming up after the walk I needed to sort out dinner.  I decided to make mushroom cups which are very fast and easy to make.

To start chop up a few mushrooms and some garlic.

Mushroom cups 1 2013

Saute them in olive oil and then add a splash of sherry.

Mushroom cups 3 2013

Remove from the heat once they’ve browned a bit.  Let cool then mix in grated cheese.  I used Jarlsberg for this.

Mushroom cups 4 2013

Spoon into ready made phyllo cups and then place in a hot toaster oven to melt the cheese and warm through.

Mushroom cups 5 2013

I served these with salad made up of apple, brie, and prosciutto.  Yum!

Mushroom cups 6 2013

A very quick but delicious meal.  Especially when a light meal is preferred in this heat!