Fig Pizza and Big Victories

A few years ago the leash that we used to walk Guinness wore out and my husband made a big mistake in tasking me to go online and see what hours the humane society was open.  Suddenly he hears me call out to him to come and look at the photo of the cutest dog.  We had been thinking about getting another dog but we were having a hard time pairing one with Guinness.  Guinness had been termed an inappropriate punk.  He is a lovely dog but is insecure around other dogs and tries to dominate them.  So we kept failing.

But this day we trooped down to the humane society to meet this goofy dog.  They did warn us that he was on prozac and that was my big oops.  We don’t know Murphy’s history but we do know he spent 6 months in 3 different humane societies.  But I thought we should take him off the meds.  Try training, that sort of thing.  It’s been a tough few years.  It took him a long time to trust us, understandably, and while he was a sweetheart in the home, he was a nut job on the walks.  His anxiety overran any attempts for him to listen.  He isn’t malicious just a big nut job.  We were despairing with my back being thrown out and my husband starting to feel it as well.

There is now light at the end of the tunnel!  We found a new harness that fits him better and a low dose med that takes the edge off of him without making him a drooling fool.  We still wanted Murphy to be Murphy.  I was able to take him back to training this past week and it’s been amazing.  He’s listening and we aren’t being jerked around.  I can’t tell you how big a victory this is for us!  I’m not dreading the walks, woot!

In the midst of all this the kids were getting ready to head to Florida to see their grandparents so for their last night here I made a light meal for us.  Given that figs are in season I thought it would be fun to do a pizza with naan using the figs.

I grilled the naan on a cast iron grill until it was almost cooked.

Fig pizza 1 2014 Fig pizza 2 2014

While the naan is cooking chop up a shallot and a couple of cloves of garlic. Saute in olive oil until softened.

Fig pizza 3 2014

I am late to the whole fig thing.  But now I love it when fig season swings round.  It works so well with many different recipes.  And I love it with the saltiness of prosciutto.

Fig pizza 4 2014

Preheat the oven to 350F/175C.  Layer the naan with the shallots and garlic, figs, prosciutto, and goat cheese.  Fontina also works for this.

Fig pizza 5 2014

Bake until the cheese is warmed and melty.

Fig pizza 6 2014

This is perfect with a small side salad.  The tomatoes in the picture are the last we’ll buy in awhile as our tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Can’t wait to start eating them!

And oh get this!  I finally have a preview button.  🙂  They never responded to my note to support but at least I’m seeing positive changes.


Nothing Like a Bit of Naan to Go With Your Curry…

You know the weather is leaving summer behind a bit when the ovens start getting used frequently.  This weekend, though it has been humid, I have been in the mood to bake.  Goodies fresh out of the oven are hard to beat.

My husband was in the mood to cook and we all voted for a curry which I’ll post about tomorrow.  Let’s just say it was amazing!  🙂  Of course a great accompaniment to a curry is Naan, a golden flat bread.  We really enjoy it, the melted butter doesn’t hurt!

It is fairly easy to make but does require rising time.  Once again we rely on the “Best Ever Curry Cookbook” as inspiration.

I followed the recipe for the most part with just a few deviations.  I made a few changes based on how it came out the previous time.

In a small bowl I added 5 T of lukewarm milk.  It calls for 4 T but with our flour it was too dry.  Recipe called for 1/2oz of fresh yeast which was about 3 tsp of our dry yeast.  Mix as well as you can.  The yeast if starting dry does tend to clump a bit.  Let it sit for 15 minutes.  Occasionally work the yeast a bit.

Naan 1 2013

In a medium mixing bowl add 8oz/2 cups flour and 1/2 tsp salt.  Add 1 egg, 1T of vegetable oil (I used olive oil), 1T plain Greek yoghurt, and the yeast mixture.

Naan 3 2013

Mix together until it forms a soft dough.  If the dough is still a bit dry, add equal bits of milk and yoghurt until it is the right consistency.  I added a couple of teaspoons of each.  Turn out onto to a floured surface.

Naan 4 2013

Knead until soft.  This took me about 5 minutes but could take up to 10.  Cover and keep in a warm place for an hour until it doubles in size.  I usually wet a tea towel with hot water, ring it out, then drape over the bowl.  Once doubled turn out on a floured surface again.

Naan 5 2013

Preheat  oven to 450F/230C.  Knead the dough for a couple of minutes then divide into small sections.

Naan 6 2013

Stretch out into shapes somewhat resembling teardrops.  That part is harder than it looks!  You want to hand stretch the dough rather than rolling it.  Kind of like a pizza dough.  You also want it to be fairly thin as it will puff up when it bakes.

Naan 7 2013

The recipe says to bake 3-4 minutes then broil.  We just bake until done which is about 6 minutes on convection.  We get a nice golden crispy crust.

Naan 8 2013

While it is baking melt some butter so you can brush it on as soon as it comes out of the oven.  Add a bit of sea salt and serve.

Naan 9 2013

It goes really well with the mango chutney we made.

Naan 10 2013

And it went really well with the curry!