Slow Cooked Lamb with a Red Wine Reduction Sauce

Earlier this year I cooked my first piece of lamb with a mushroom rub with a shoulder cut.  I had commented that while the flavour was amazing the meat didn’t come out as tender as I would have liked.  There were a few recommendations stating that a shoulder cut should be slow cooked.  As we had more shoulder cuts that is how I chose to do it this time.  The results were much better with really tender meat.

Preheat the oven to 275F/135C

I salt and peppered the lamb then heated up a skillet with olive oil to sear the lamb.  Sear both sides for about 4 minutes each.  If it is a thicker piece then do it for longer.

Slow cooked lamb 1 2013

Chop up several cloves of garlic and some fresh rosemary.  We have a plant that survived all winter so I was able to use that.  And for someone that is horrible with houseplants, this is huge!

Slow cooked lamb 2 2013

In a shallow baking pan put in 1 cup stock of your choice.  I used turkey stock and added the garlic, rosemary, and the lamb.

Slow cooked lamb 3 2013

I decided to use this red wine as it’s a great drinking wine.  Not very mellow so I think in hindsight I would choose a mellow Italian but this wine was really good with the roasted potatoes and parsnips I served with this.

Slow cooked lamb 5 2013

I added about 3/4 cup of wine to the dish.

Slow cooked lamb 6 2013

Cover and slow cook for about an hour and a half.  If it is a thicker cut cook longer until it is done the way you want it.

Slow cooked lamb 7 2013

Remove the lamb and over with tin foil and keep in a warm place while you finish the sauce and the rest of the dinner.  I put the plate on top of the toaster oven that I was roasting the veg in.  Pour the liquid into a sauce pan and bring to a simmer.  Add a bit of flour to some water and add to the sauce to thicken.  Because the wine was a strong flavour I added a bit of veg bouillon to give a bit of depth to the sauce.  Reduce down.

Slow cooked lamb 8 2013

Once the veg is done, plate and drizzle the sauce over the lamb.

Slow cooked lamb 9 2013 Slow cooked lamb 10 2013

I really enjoyed this dish and will definitely experiment with the slow cooking of this meat.


Seared Lamb with Mushroom Rub and Balsamic

I haven’t cooked lamb before but I found some local meat at our co-op and thought I should give it a try.  So I bought some and then wondered what to do with it.  One of the great things about the blogging world?  Inspiration!  I follow the Cooking in Sens blog and she posted a lamb recipe that looked really good.  I liked the idea of broth and balsamic vinegar.  After a trip to the store I came up with this recipe.

The cut of meat I used was a shoulder chop.

mushroom lamb 1 2013

I seasoned with salt then added a dried mushroom rub that contained black pepper.  The mushrooms were porcini and shiitake.

mushroom lamb 2 2013

I set the chop aside for a few minutes while I prepped the rest of the food so the flavours of the rub could sink in a bit.  I then added a bit of olive oil and butter to the skillet and melted the butter.  Once hot enough it was time to sear the lamb chop.

mushroom lamb 5 2013

I seared each side for a couple of minutes and seared the edges as well.  Then set it aside and covered it with tin foil while I made the sauce.  I added coarsely chopped mushrooms, shallots, and garlic to the skillet and sauteed for a few minutes.

mushroom lamb 6 2013

I had my homemade turkey broth on hand so I used about a 1/2 cup of that.  I brought it to a simmer.  Then I added balsamic vinegar to the sauce.  As this is the real stuff you don’t need much.  I used several drops of this.  We brought it back from Italy when we were there on our honeymoon and it really works well in a lot of dishes.

mushroom lamb 4 2013 mushroom lamb 8 2013

Once the sauce was done I added the lamb back in to cook a bit more.  We like our meat rare but not blue.  Because this is the first time I cooked lamb I was on a bit of a learning curve to get it to the right doneness but I got there in the end.

mushroom lamb 9 2013

We paired the dish with this wine.  We belong to the Virgin Wine club and every 3 months we get a case of red.  This was a good one and it held up to the earthy taste of the dish.  As a stand alone it was a bit rough.

mushroom lamb 3 2013

I served the lamb with roast potatoes and some corn.

mushroom lamb 10 2013

Overall I was pleased with the flavour but I think I’ll try to find a better cut of meat next time.  This would also work well with steak.