Ah, the joy of home projects….

We live in an 1895 Queen Anne Victorian.  A large, lovely home with a list of projects as far as the eye can see.  It was a funeral home for about 30 years and the last owners had a devil may care attitude to it’s upkeep.  Fortunately it is a solid house so the bones are good but we are slowly making our way through the list.  My husband had to create a kitchen when he moved in.  Used to be the casket show room.  Originally it was a three room kitchen with a back room attached.  He also had to redo the roof, rebuild the chimneys, and when I moved in we had to redo the carriage house foundation.  Do not let trees grow near foundations!  If you do, you too can have a hole large enough to drive a VW bug through.

Because there are so many rooms and projects we try to as much of the work ourselves.  We haven’t won the lottery after all and given our luck with that we can’t count on it.  🙂

Our kids were down in Florida for a couple of weeks this summer so we thought it was time to redo our daughter’s wood floor.  If you want to know how much stuff your child has accumulated over the years, go empty their room.  I dare you.  And we don’t buy her a ton of stuff!

I don’t believe this floor has been redone since it was put in so we were in for a lot of sanding as the stuff they used back then was pretty tough.

New wood floor 1 2013

So we set off to rent a floor sander, get the masks, sandpaper for the floor sander, then hand sanders, and the stain we wanted.  As it was a pine floor and there isn’t a chance in hell to match the original stain colour we decided to have contrast and went with a light colour.

I was very happy to say goodbye to this:

New wood floor 2 2013

Of course we had to deal with this little monster:

New wood floor 3 2013

It’s very hard for me to be on my knees for any length of time because of my back, especially hand-sanding so I ended up using the floor sander.  I managed to keep it from dancing about.  And oh the dust!  Even with the windows wide open it was a mess.  We had her doors shut but it still got everywhere.  And of course you have to do a few layers with finer and finer paper.

New wood floor 4 2013

The edges gave us a run for their money and it took awhile to get it all smooth and clean.  Then there is the cleaning.  Everything had to be vacuumed, including the walls.  The we bought the Swifter stuff and used that.  And vacuumed some more.  Then a coat of staining and 3 coats of poly.  But we got it done!

New wood floor 5 2013

It’s nice to walk on a floor and not worry about splinters!  🙂  Our daughter was very surprised and loved it.  Good thing to as we weren’t changing it again!

What is Home?

I’m an independent woman.  Spent years before meeting my husband and kids being self-sufficient traipsing about the world, taking care of my house, and comfortable being on my own.  I’m still very independent and my husband would never dream of calling me a wallflower.  But it is amazing when you find the love of your life and two amazing children how things change.  I have a wonderful home that is filled with love and laughter.

My husband is now on his way back from a 10 day business trip.  I don’t like it when he travels, not because I begrudge him for his job.  But because it isn’t home when he’s not here.  I feel like I’m rattling round our big house.  It loses it’s warmth.  Luckily I had the kids this week so it was only last week the major rattling was occurring.  Kids keep you on your toes!

There is a lot of anticipation today as we get things ready.  He will get quite the homecoming with me, the kids, and two extremely excited dogs leaping about trying to lick him.  Only our cat will be hiding.

Our dogs will look out the window a lot but this pic kind of represents how we are feeling waiting for him to come home.

Coming home 1 2013

So in a few hours our home will be complete again.  🙂