Quite the Diesel Show in Swanage

The main reason for the timing of our trip to England was the springtime Diesel Gala at Swanage Railway.  Obviously we were there for friends and family but if we can get our train fix than all the better!

We had the perfect weather for this trip and it really made the gala shine.  A few locos trickled at the beginning of the week but several came in as a convoy on the Wednesday before the gala.  My husband and I have fun “racing” the convoy from Corfe Castle to Swanage.

Diesel gala 1 2016

Because they need to come down when the rails aren’t busy we don’t get a lot of light for the display but it was still loads of fun.  It is so impressive the amount of work the volunteers put into this.  There is quite a lot of logistics to wrangle.  We stayed in Swanage well after dark watching them shunting the locos round to get them staged for the first day.

Diesel gala 2 2016

Diesel gala 3 2016

Diesel gala 9 2016

We bought a three day pass for this so we just rode the rails so to speak enjoying all the different locos and watching the locos changing out at Norden.

Diesel gala 4 2016

Diesel gala 5 2016

I had been noticing people perched up on the hill at the castle in Corfe taking pictures.  When I say perched, I mean just that.  It’s almost like a cliff!  I can’t imagine having to storm the castle with armor, shields, and weapons.  It seems like an impossible task to me!  But it does give you the perfect spot to watch the locos go over the viaduct.

Diesel gala 6 2016

Diesel gala 7 2016

Diesel gala 8 2016

Still need to get over there for a Steam Gala but this was a lot of fun.  The vibe was great and it was just what we needed to have a blast.  A huge success all round.  🙂


Diesel Gala in Swanage

I like trains.  In the train world that comes across as a bit strange but I find them fascinating.  I think because I love machines.  I love steam trains and my husband is into D & Es.  So a year ago this weekend we headed to Swanage to see my in-laws and to attend the Diesel Gala.  It is happening again this weekend and I hope it is as successful as it was last year as it was a lot of fun.  Swanage Diesel Gala.

The weather was perfect and they had a wonderful beer festival at Harmon’s Cross so there was a great festive feel to the whole weekend.  In Swanage there is a great spot on the bridge to take pictures of all the action coming and going.

train 1 2013 Train 2 2013

The next day was gorgeous so we hiked to Corfe Castle and saw the trains rumble past.

train 4 2013

And of course we had to stop at Harmon’s Cross to sample the local beers and ciders.

train 3 2013

And lucky for me they still kept the steam trains running.  🙂  They had a bit of fun and added the D to the number for the occasion.

train 5 2013

Personally, I like to be where all the fun is so I grab a footplate ride when I can.  My FIL is the driver on this trip.  🙂  It’s the best seat in the house!

train 6 2013

They have the steam gala in September and some day I hope to go to that one.  That would be amazing.