Turkey Day and Despite a Tough Year, Still Grateful

Thursday is the American holiday of Thanksgiving.  For those that follow me you know this is my favourite holiday.  With all the materialism built in with a lot of holidays I like we have one where is’t just family and good food.

It’s been a tough year for my family.  We have 12 round the table and we weren’t guaranteed we’d have 12 this time round.  Fortunately my sister’s neck is just about good as new and my dad’s life saving surgery went as well as it should have.  And we are fortunate my cousin in Kenya has made a near complete recovery from his car accident.  Thank goodness the two taxi drivers rushed him to hospital barely alive.  This was while others looted his car.  So you can imagine the amount of gray hair that made light of day in our family this year!

We’re very much looking forward to 2016, as you can imagine!

For this post I wanted to reshare a few of my recipes I’ve made over the years for Thanksgiving.  I figured I’d get them in before the holiday rather than after for once.  🙂

Sage pear turkey 5 2014

The Sage Pear Turkey fast became a favourite of mine.  Pear works so well with the sage and stuffing the skin with butter just makes it divine.

Cranberry Raisin Sauce 6 2014

Hopefully this year I won’t forget to serve the cranberry sauce!  I made this last year with port and it was really delicious.  I like to do variations each year for something new.  I’ve done it with orange, ginger, thyme.  Surprisingly cranberry is a good match for many different ingredients.

Stuffing balls 6 2013

Stuffing balls are a fun variation.  These are made with pork.  This year I’ll be separating these out to have sourdough stuffing then pork balls as some can’t have gluten.

I was going to share a blog post of pumpkin pie.  Looks like I haven’t done a post on that!  Guess what will be coming soon?

For those that celebrate this holiday I hope it is a safe and fun one.  And may you not have to travel too far!

15 thoughts on “Turkey Day and Despite a Tough Year, Still Grateful

  1. Happy Thanksgiving from your neighbour to the north! We celebrate thanksgiving in October! Now I can celebrate again! Every day is thanksgiving. “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.”
    Meister Eckhart

  2. I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving.

    I completely follow your pleasure at a feast that is not about anything other than a great meal in good company and while I’m not in the Thanksgiving part of the world, this really is sort of what I want a Christmas to be. (Except presents for kids if there are any present.)

    • Thank you! Yes I wish Christmas wasn’t so materialistic and I wish it didn’t start in September! I don’t mind the present thing as in our family we try to go for thought rather than quantity. Good book over cheap tat.

      • Books are pricey in Denmark; $50 is quite common for a new novel because we have such a small language…

        That aside, I haven’t really done Christmas presents since 2001 with very few exceptions. I wish for nothing and I give nothing. But when I invite people for Christmas, by GOD there is food!

      • Crikey, that’s pricey! It’s always been a thing for me to get the kids I buy for books in addition to whatever toys. I always want to feed their imagination. What a shame books there are so expensive. Of course you can’t forget food, that’s the best part!

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