Ricotta Pasta – Gluten Free and All

Back in October I mentioned trying out a gluten free diet because I was looking to alleviate the chronic pain I was having.  It didn’t really help with the pain but it did let me sleep better which has been a major problem.  So I do gluten free or very low gluten.  I find now my body can’t handle too much gluten.

I did finally get answers, though, about the pain last week.  I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.  What a relief it was to get answers.  And to now know what to fight against.  Before I hadn’t a clue and it was really beginning to get to me.  I need to learn how to manage the pain and make sure my diet is such that helps me manage the symptoms.  Fibromyalgia isn’t an inflammation disease but something that affects the brain and nervous system.  They react to various stimuli with pain. Funny I was really glad to find it wasn’t chronic inflammation!  Won’t always be easy but it will get better now.

Part of changing my diet with gluten free is to try to find a decent substitution for pasta.  Not easy because it’s hard to beat good homemade pasta.  I’ve been trying various rice pastas to see what I like.  They aren’t horrible but I’m not a huge fan.  But they’ll do.

We made some ricotta cheese the other day and I wanted to do a pasta dish with the cheese.  Poking about on the internet I saw references to using the ricotta cheese as the sauce.  I think it was from Bon Appetit.

Ricotta pasta 1 2015

In a skillet saute sliced mushrooms, chopped garlic, and fresh thyme.  Cook slowly until the mushrooms brown.  Add equal part fresh ricotta and fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Ricotta pasta 2 2015

Cook slowly until the cheese becomes creamy.  Add the cooked pasta and serve.

Ricotta pasta 3 2015

Perfect comfort food for the chilly nights and super easy to throw together on a week night. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Ricotta Pasta – Gluten Free and All

  1. It’s good you have some answers and can adapt according. I don’t know if this will help you on the gluten thing but I found it’s the quality of the product that counts. Much of the wheat grown here in the US is GMO which causes the wheat to produce extra gluten. My hubby and I were having issues with tummy aches and severe bloating until we went to Italy. We ate a lot of pasta, bread and baked goods there and no problems whatsoever. They don’t grow GMO products or allow it in the food system. Since then, I have purchased on high-quality, Italian made pastas and switched to making most of our baked goods at home with organic, non-GMO flour and our problems have completely disappeared unless we get it when eating out. Not sure if this will help you, but thought I would mention it, in case you wanted to give it a try to see if it helped you 🙂

    • This is why they should label! We buy our flour from King Arthur and they say they don’t use GMO. I try to buy organic as much as possible because that means no GMO. I can have a little gluten but my husband made ciabatta and I had a slice and it was too much. 🙁 I love bread. That’s the hardest part.

      • I agree!!! That sucks it hits you that hard. I’m working on some recipes for gluten-free bread. I dislike most of what I’ve tried from others, so trying to create one that tastes like regular bread. I’ll share if it happens. Working on pasta as well 🙂

  2. I know how painful both can be, good you have a diagnosis and some answers. GF or not this recipe is wonderful. Love incorporating the ricotta in the sauce. All that melty cheese is making me hungry.

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