Keene PumpkinFest vs Keene State Rioting

It was a tough weekend in our town and many of us are very upset and hopped up as they say.  We host the annual Pumpkinfest on Main St.  Many people put in long hours to make this work and there have been several world records for the number of lit pumpkins including last year with a count of 30581.  It’s a point of pride.  Two years ago we had HGTV in town and the world got to see what a fabulous community event it is.

Pumpkinfest 2 2014

Every year the school kids carve pumpkins at school as well as home, local businesses donate pumpkins as well as carve their own, and families wheel their pumpkins downtown and find good spots for them.  Friday there were good spirits as we set up our creations.  I found a good spot for ours.

Pumpkinfest 3 2014

They set up the student pumpkins in Central Square.  Of all the places that you don’t mess with, that is the spot.  Problem is there has been a growing problem with the college kids in town.  Please understand when I talk about the college students I do not mean all of them, in fact, some were hunkered down in their rooms too scared to leave.  But there is a growing faction of those that think it’s fun to cause trouble.  It started Friday night with drunks smashing pumpkins.

We like to take the dogs down the morning of when the streets are blocked off and it’s quiet.  We noticed a few pumpkins here and there smashed.  Even the top of my husband’s pumpkin was missing.  One woman was very upset because she saw that her 5 year old grandson’s pumpkin was destroyed in Central Square.  It didn’t bode well.

Pumpkinfest 1 2014

The best that I can see the perfect storm happened this way.  First, the college is spineless in holding the students accountable for their actions.  I’m not surprised at how bad it got.  They set up a town-gown committee after incidences last year and all that is happened is the decision to take another year to work on this before deciding what to do.

Second, there is a company in Boston that searches out colleges to bring people in to rave.  It’s called FinnaRage that sets up concerts and parties at colleges.  There are videos showing things getting out of control at previous events but the CEO insists that is not what they are about.  For me the proof is in the pudding.

Third, our town councillors knew they were coming but didn’t prevent it.  They were pretty toothless to be honest.

By 3pm the police had to be in riot gear and had the tear gas out as the students and their out of town guests were drunk and throwing cans and bottles at people.  By the end of the night there was a helicopter, swat teams, and responders from 3 states up against the mob raging, smashing pumpkins, destroying cars including flipping one over.

Pumpkinfest 4 2014

Here are a few things I want to clear up because social media, the national news, and yes the international news have the facts wrong.

First of all Keene State College does not host the PumpkinFest.  The town of Keene does and many hours of hard work are put into making it safe. And it was safe, there wasn’t any rioting during PumpkinFest.  In fact I was downtown at 3pm and none of us knew what was happening a few blocks away.  The police and fire departments kept them away from the families and visitors.  The kids got to check out the pumpkins in their costumes and have their fill of cotten candy and fried dough.

Second, Keene State has a lot to answer for.  Their first response was that it was out of towners.  Yes there were a lot of out of towners but they were invited by the students.  The college is trying to say it wasn’t on campus.  The streets that this happened on included the campus.  It’s time this stops, it gets worse each year.  Not only is it unfair to the residents of our town but unfair to the students that are actually there to learn.

Third, no it is not cool to flip cars and rage.  However, it is cool the idiots keep posting with their names fessing up to what they did.  Will make it easy to catch them and hopefully get them charged? I hope so. I mean really, how did these people get into college?

Pumpkinfest 5 2014

It upsets me that these hooligans highjacked the #pumpkinfest to use on the social media as it sullies all the good that happens.

While we didn’t get a new world record this year I would call the festival a success.  There were fabulous and creative pumpkins, adorable costumes on the kids and some scary ones on adults, and loads of volunteers who love our community.  That’s what I want #pumpkinfest to be full of.

16 thoughts on “Keene PumpkinFest vs Keene State Rioting

  1. What a shame to ruin a family oriented fun weekend. The college authorities need to meet with the community and set up procedurse to stop this behavior in the future.The college is in this community and they need to show respect to the community not make excuses. There is a responsibility on their part to solve this unruly situation with community members.

      • I believe all colleges have a “code of conduct” for students, and generally any students participating in extra curricular activities have to sign one, too. I hope the college actively reviews the videos, texts and tweets and suspends/expels students that can be identified to send a very strong message!

        This kind of thing doesn’t usually happen unless there is an atmosphere that carefully protects and nurtures it by looking the other way, whether or not that was the intended effect!! I’m tired so tired of older high school & college kids getting away with all kinds of crap and not being held accountable because to do so would be “ruining” their lives. Then these kids go on to be business people and leaders in the community. *shudders* There’s stupid kid partying stuff and there’s crossing the line.

        Perhaps a bit of a rant!

      • It is seriously insane how many of the ones that were rioting are braggin about it and posting their pages publicly! The college is actively reviewing but so far no arrests since Saturday. Which is crazy given how many names are known now.

  2. It only takes a few to cause trouble. Add liquor and the numbers explode. I hope your community can get some satisfaction and assurances from the Keene State. It’s bad enough the kids went on a rampage. The University denying any culpability is appalling.
    You may not be aware that there is a similar pumpkin event in one of our suburbs, Highwood. They were going to try to break the record this year but I don’t think they did, at least I haven’t heard that they did.

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