A Way To Keep The Tea Cosy

We’ll be seeing my in-laws this summer and I wanted to knit something for my MIL. We enjoyed looking at patterns and getting yarn in the past together and I wanted to do a quick project. Because they have a B & B she uses tea cosies so I looked for a pattern. I wanted to do a sheep theme as she has a few sheep themed items. I couldn’t find a good one! Well I found one that was a pasture scene on Ravelry which was pretty but all that was posted was a picture. No pattern. So I went in a different direction as I’m not quite at a place where I could come up with my own pattern.

I found this pattern for Chamomile Flower cosy. I found some gorgeous burgundy wool as I really don’t like beige or colours close to beige. Think that comes from living in a flat that was all beige. Blah.


The components are very easy to knit. I did have a thought that the main bit of the tea cosy would make a great hat as well but that’s for another day!


The flowers were a little tricky putting together in a way that the petals look natural. I felt like I had butter fingers trying to get them go into circles. After they are shaped add the yellow pieces.


The pattern calls for six leaves but because of the way I placed the flowers I knitted seven leaves so it looked balanced.


I hope she likes this but I will be keeping my eye out for a decent sheep pattern. 😊

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