The Flutter of Leaves in a Purple Hue

Today will be a cosy PJ day with the kids.  Our son had a sleepover with a friend last night so it was a bit loud until they crashed.  So today will be a day of playing Dr Who games with no place to go.  Though tonight my husband and I will have a quick date night as it is the anniversary of us meeting six years ago.  On our first date he brought me Marmite.  I was hooked. I thought this guy is going to understand me.  I was so right!

When I think of my family I sometimes feel as though I have to pinch myself.  It’s unreal how lucky I got.  We have two amazing kids that are healthy and bright.  And they are developing the twisted sense of humour we so much enjoy.  It’s funny when they suddenly understand us because we’ll be saying something and out of the blue there will be a snicker.  Welcome to our world.  🙂  And I have a husband that makes me laugh every day no matter how crazy the world is.  And the world is often off it’s rocker.

And because we have games waiting this will be a quick post.  🙂

Over the years I’ve made gifts for various family members and this year it was my sister’s turn.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post on the wrist gauntlets that I bought the book 60 Quick Knits that uses cascade 220.  I found a gorgeous scarf in the book that has raised leaves as the pattern.  I found a soft purple that would be perfect for her.  She looks great in these tones.  It wasn’t a difficult pattern but it took me awhile because of the length and plus I was doing other projects as well.  I sometimes wonder if all this multi-tasking is efficient!

Once it was done I needed to block it.  Something I haven’t done before but I chose a simple method of steam as it was a basic scarf not a complicated shape.  I had to do this in two steps as the scarf was longer than the ironing board.  To do it, use pins to shape the scarf.

Leaf scarf 1 2013

Next use a very hot steamy iron and bring it close to the yarn without touching.  It’s a little tricky as steam likes to rise but get the yarn nice and damp.  Leave it to dry and it will be shaped and blocked.

Leaf scarf 2 2013

I really liked the delicate leaf pattern with a bit of a lace effect.

Leaf scarf 3 2013

I’m pleased to say my sister really liked the scarf.  🙂  Now it’s time to figure out Dr Who Yatzee and Dr Who role playing game.  Get your geek on!

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