Turkey, Leeks, and Lemon

The chances of a white Christmas are definitely increasing.  We’ve had a couple of snow showers that haven’t melted due to the freezing cold but this weekend is shaping up to be the first major storm of the season.  The kind where we need to make sure the snowblower fires up and we have enough fuel for it.  The major weather sites are just saying snow but the local weather sites are saying it could be 6-12″.   The kids will be thrilled!  They love snowball fights.  🙂  Fortunately it will be over the weekend so no worries about commutes.  We can stay off the roads.

Our turkey is about done now and it’s time to make some stock with the bones.  That will be on the list for today.  One of the dishes I created to use up the turkey was this dish that went over pasta.  It was a school night so it needed to be quick.  We are lucky enough to still have leeks in the garden, granted they are frozen but we can still use them.  This meal takes less than half an hour to throw together.

To prep slice and clean the leeks and drain.  Chop some fresh rosemary and garlic and squeeze the juice of a lemon.

Lemon Leek Turkey 1 2013

I then cut what I needed from the turkey into small pieces.  I also sliced some mushrooms.

Lemon Leek Turkey 2 2013

In a skillet I put a bit of olive oil and then a couple of tablespoons of butter to melt.  Add the garlic and rosemary with the heat on low and cook for several minutes to allow the flavours to infuse together.

Lemon Leek Turkey 3 2013

Start with about half the lemon juice and add that to the skillet.  Later add more lemon juice to taste.

Lemon Leek Turkey 4 2013

Add in the turkey, leeks, and mushrooms.  In the meantime cook up the pasta of your choice.  I chose cheese ravioli for this pairing.

Lemon Leek Turkey 5 2013

Once everything is cooked serve with grated cheese.

Lemon Leek Turkey 6 2013

It had a light flavour with the lemon and was delicious with pinot grigio.  I think this weekend we’ll be doing more stick to your ribs food with the storm and cold.  Comfort food will be key!

16 thoughts on “Turkey, Leeks, and Lemon

  1. Looks wonderful, Virginia. Hopefully, the storm doesn’t keep Daniel in Portland. He’s supposed to come home on 12/18 but there is a nasty snow storm coming toward you this weekend. Hopefully, it will let him out on the 18th.

    • The storm is coming in this afternoon and will snow through tomorrow. They are saying 8-12″. He should be ok. If he is flying through Boston that might be a bit tricky but they usually get things sorted within a day or so.

  2. I hope you made it through the weekend all right. Although we got some snow, the brunt of the storm missed us as it headed your way. This is a great pasta. Love the taste of lemon in pasta dishes and this is a smart use for leftover turkey.

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