Finding the Cure for Jet Lag….

My husband and I are on the first part of our holiday.  We’ve been so excited to get going.  We’re spending a few days in Swanage before heading to our cruise round the Med.  We arrived yesterday doing all we could to keep our eyes open.   It was a stressful flight due to 3 sisters around us and acting out the parts of the movie “The Mean Girls” and making us their target.  It was a full booked flight but the crew on Virgin Atlantic did the best they could for us and gave us a lovely bottle of champagne.  So cheers for that!

We really do the planes trains and automobiles for this trip.  It was car, bus, plane, bus, train, car and then we arrived.  🙂  As I can’t sleep on the plane I was up about 36 hours.  So we had to keep busy yesterday.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous day.  Full sun though brisk.  First stop was getting fish n chips by the water.   It was fabulous!

Swanage 5 2013 Swanage 1 2013

The seagulls were begging.  One would go up to people and yell at them.  Pushy to say the least!  You can just see the Isle of Wight in the distance.

On the trip from Woking to Wareham we struggled to keep awake but I did manage to be awake at the Bournemouth station.  It’s a neat little station.

Swanage 6 2013

I’m into steam but fortunately old beautiful stations still exist!

After our lunch we headed over to the Swanage Railway.  They were having a mini event for a local group so we were able to get some great photos of the Manston that they were running for the group.

Swanage 2 2013 Swanage 3 2013 Swange 4 2013

It was raining today so we weren’t able to be outside.  I was hoping to pop up to Corfe Castle for a cream tea outside but not a good day for it!  Tomorrow we’re near Southampton for a train do that is raising money for motor neuron diseases.  It’s at the Northam Traincare Facility in Southampton.  Should be fun but we’ll have to layer up due to the rain!  And the M7 will be there.  🙂

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