You Say Potato, I Say Potahto

Actually I don’t say potahto.  I say tomahto but that’s it in that category.  I do love that song with Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.  What a musical combo.  I love listening to them.  Not like today’s singers that overload on those silly runs trying to prove they can sing.  If you can sing, just sing!

It was time to harvest the potatoes.  I was keeping my fingers crossed we would have a bumper crop and then we’d have to figure out how to store the tremendous bounty.  Reality wasn’t quite like that.

Potato harvest 1 2013

We had already harvested the two little towers and didn’t get a whole lot but they were small.  We had enough for a few meals.  But it was time to tackle the two big ones.  You know they are ready when the plants die back.

Potato harvest 2 2013

My husband tipped them over and it was time to dig in.   The kids had fun with this.  Nothing like getting all dirty!

Potato harvest 3 2013

We had a few good size ones like this one but many were small and some pea sized.   I kept those too.  My husband thought I was crazy but dang it we grew them, we’re keeping them!

Potato harvest 4 2013

We filled the bucket about halfway.  Not exactly the tremendous bounty I was dreaming about.

Potato harvest 5 2013

But it was more than what we bought to plant and they are delicious.  I’ll have to do some research over winter to see how to increase our yield organically.  In the meantime roast potatoes and parsnips sounds good.  🙂

19 thoughts on “You Say Potato, I Say Potahto

  1. The towers are a great idea! In Vancouver, the city organic gardens are literally sprouting up all over the place. And the produce that comes from these small plots is truly astonishing. Your potatos will be delicious!!!

  2. They do look good. Home grown potatoes have a special taste, no question. I say this with the authority of regularly eating the home grown potatoes that are given to me by my farming neighbours. I very much like the idea of the towers. Nice post.

  3. ok did I miss the post where you explain how you grew these? This is amazing , the dirt hre is very poor and I trhink this is a wonderful idea! Can I ask for the directions on this and when you start them? =) ~Thank you from Farmer Dumb lol

  4. You never really know what the harvest will be when you plant something new in a garden. For a first crop I think you guys did fantastic — and next year will surely be better.

  5. A few meals of wonderful 🙂 After years of succumbing to supermarket convenience, I’m back to good old dirty potatoes – I need a new peeler but my goodness the taste difference is incredible.

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