Throw Down the Gauntlet….

I must have blinked and missed this week!  It has flown by and I’ve hadn’t had much of a chance to check out blogs let alone write one.  Just one of those weeks that is crazy busy.  I had to wear several hats at once so to speak.

Today is a gorgeous day and will be like this all weekend so gardening is on the list.  Actually it’s at the top of the list.  Winter is coming!  Not only to we have to put the garden to bed I need to prep for the coming cold.  I picked out a few knitting patterns to help me out.  I did the cowl this summer and it has proved to be a great choice.  It keeps my neck nice and toasty.   There has been a big trend towards wrist warmers or gauntlets lately.  I usually avoid most trends as they go out of style but this seemed really practical.  Our house is usually kept around 55F/13C because oil isn’t cheap!  I start to look like a oompa loompa with all the layers I put on.  I found the pattern in a book called “60 Quick Knits” that calls for the type of yarn Cascade 220.  The pattern is called Leaf-Lace Gauntlets.  Again it was a chart pattern so I had to pay attention but overall I was able to complete them in a couple of weeks.

There was a lot of lace work in this pattern and the chart was based on working the work side rather than the right side so it took awhile to make sense to me.

Knitted gauntlet 2 2013 Knitted gauntlet 1 2013

Once I had both pieces knitted then it was quite easy to sew the seams leaving a hole for the thumbs.

Knitted guantlet 3 2013

The yarn is soft so it will be very cozy as the weather cools.  I may have to make some more.  🙂

14 thoughts on “Throw Down the Gauntlet….

  1. The colour is gorgeous! And you are right – this is very practical. I’m with you on keeping the temperature low in the winter. We are expecting another increase on heating costs this year.

  2. I love this! I get cold so easy in the winter, typically I just wrap up in anything that fits over whatever i already have on. (It can be quite a spectacle!) Here’s to hoping for another mild winter.

  3. Fingerless gloves are one of my favorite accessories– they’re pretty quick to make, don’t use a lot of yarn, and even though they may be trendy right now, I personally think they always look good. When it’s really cold, I layer them over leather gloves. Your pattern is really attractive, and Cascade 220 is a fantastic wool yarn, comes in something like 200 colors, and in a machine-washable version (still 100% wool) too!

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