Discovering Quechee Gorge

There are times when it becomes obvious that there is a lot to discover in our area.  There are so many hidden gems.  Take for example Quechee Gorge in VT.  They call it the Grand Canyon of Vermont.  Never heard of it.  About twice a year we drive up to buy 100lbs of flour from King Arthur to keep us in our baking habit.  That store is like a candy store to us.  We never get out with just flour.  So many gadgets!

When we have the kids we try to find something else around there to do otherwise it’s a long drive for a quick shop.  So a quick search on the internet for stuff to see near Norwich brought up Quechee Gorge.  The first part of it was a little shopping village where they had a toy museum, antiques, food, and ice cream.  The toy museum was a blast, talk about a flashback!  It was great fun showing the kids what we had to play with.  🙂

Then a short trip down the road to the gorge.  From the visitor’s centre we took the long trail to the gorge and it was quiet as can be.  The first thing spotted was this little guy.  I think it’s a newt?  It was about 2″ long.  This pic is the best I could get as I had to zoom in.

Quechee 5 2013

Further along we came upon this fungus.  It may be an outright mushroom of some sort but I’ve never seen anything like it.  It was beautiful and striking against the dark wood.

Quechee 4 2013

I loved this fallen tree.

Quechee 3 2013

We came to the edge of the gorge and we couldn’t even see bottom!  But we could hear it.  So we went up onto the bridge.  Here’s the thing.  I. Do. Not. Like. Heights.  At all.  However, with kids you can’t let things hold you back.  Fortunately the sides of the bridge were good and high so I didn’t feel l would fall over.  We were very high up!  But it was a beautiful sight and well worth the death grip I had on the bridge.  I also dislike bridges.  I know they are supposed to feel a little bouncy but that just shoves my heart into my throat.

Quechee 2 2013

Then just a short walk to the dam.

Quechee 1 2013

The kids thought it was really neat.  My son loved running up and down the little hills with boundless energy.  It was a lovely break from routine with the family. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Discovering Quechee Gorge

  1. Hi, Honey! It is an Eastern Newt, and our road is alive with them in the warm weather. In addition to moose and bear:) All of the above have been in abundance this year. Sometimes a little too close for comfort! Great pictures.

  2. I am so glad that KA is in VT. I really had no idea where it was and didn’t want to know, for I’d be making pilgrimages on a regular basis. Being in VT, it’s far enough away that I wouldn’t attempt it, even with that spectacular gorge as an enticement. What a fantastic place! Truly a hidden gem.

  3. Oh you lucky things, i mean the country side is lovely but being able to go up and buy flour in bulk like that from king Arthur! I would love to do that! c

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