No Two Ways About It…

I’ve mentioned before about the different diets in my family and working out how to cook for everyone.  I’m included in that as there are some things I just won’t eat.  My sister has been vegetarian for most of her life though since she had kids she will eat some fish.  She is bringing up her kids the same way.  When she visits I usually take the opportunity to cook some salmon as I don’t have that often.

I didn’t want to cook two separate meals though as it was a hot day, there were 5 kids in the house running round, and we were tired!  Kids should not have more energy than the parents.  Evolution seriously got that wrong somewhere along the lines!  So I needed something that would work for grilled pork and grilled salmon.  I got inspiration from Richard with his post on a fabulous salsa.  The funny thing is I did this dish on Wednesday and his post yesterday was with pork.  🙂  I went the Italian route for this as it couldn’t be spicy.  Turns out my sister reacts to spicy peppers.  I thought she just didn’t like spicy food.  However, fire roasted tomatoes sounded wonderful!

We still have boatloads of tomatoes in the garden so I grabbed a bunch and also picked some fresh thyme for this dish.

Fire roasted tomato sauce 1 2013

Slice the tomatoes in half and season with salt and pepper then drizzle with olive oil.  Cut one onion in half as well.

Fire roasted tomato sauce 2 2013 Fire roasted tomato sauce 3 2013

I put the onion directly on the grill but the tomatoes were in a grill pan.  The grill temp was about 325F/163C.  Halfway through cooking turn them over.  Cook until the skins start pulling away and they shrink a bit.

Fire roasted tomato sauce 4 2013

For the onions I grilled them until they had nice grill marks on them.

Fire roasted tomato sauce 5 2013

In a food processor I pulsed the tomatoes and onion coarsely.  In a skillet with olive oil I sauteed some garlic and thyme then added the tomato mixture.  I added a bit more salt and pepper and some real balsamic vinegar and let it reduce slightly.  In the meantime I grilled the pork and salmon.  I have to say this was the best salmon I bought.  It was wild caught which is so much better than farmed but even this raised the bar.  Need to go back and see if they have anymore!  I kept the proteins simple, just salt and pepper to season.

Fire roasted tomato sauce 6 2013

To serve I spooned the sauce over the pork and salmon.

Fire roasted tomato sauce 7 2013 Fire roasted tomato sauce 8 2013

My sister was kind enough to bring a chick pea salad and I did a greek salad with homemade greek dressing.  We had a lovely visit with good food and good company.  Oh and good wine.  😉


20 thoughts on “No Two Ways About It…

  1. Virginia, this looks wonderful. I am ever so jealous of your tomatoes. I can just imagine the flavor of the roasted, freshly harvested, garden tomatoes. Then you have fresh, wild salmon. Oh my goodness! With a meal!!! Glad I inspired you to make this dish and thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

  2. I am lucky, I only have a picky husband. My son is grown and married but, he wasn’t too picky. He also loves salmon so I’ll be forwarding this one to his wife 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  3. Great how you took Richard’s salsa, made it your own, and created an accompaniment for both salmon and pork. You need to be creative if you’re going to successfully feed people with such differing diets. Well done.

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