Our Annual Trek

My dad’s birthday is in August and every year we load up the car and head to Lake Champlain for a few days of getting away from it all and to celebrate his birthday.  The kids love it as they get to sleep on the RV and we love it as it is a great break from everything.  We’ve fallen into a pattern of traditions which gives us something to look forward to.

Because the RV park is on one of the islands my husband and I have to take a ferry in the morning and evening to get back and forth from the hotel and my parents.  We start our days with this view.

Holiday 1 2013

It’s hard to  have a bad day when you are surrounding by this.  🙂

My dad loves to golf.  So last year I asked if we could play a round.  Now, I haven’t a clue how to golf outside of mini-golf.  I had to go buy a collared shirt as there is a dress code.  And they are strict about it!  Of course I don’t have clubs so I just used my dad’s which are left handed.  I actually did pretty well with them.  I think I’m able to play right handed or left handed.  Saves me buying some clubs as this is a once a year thing.  We went out again this year for a “lesson”.  It’s really just an excuse to hang out with my dad.  I had some good shots and some shots that well, ahem, there are no words.

Holiday 2 2013

The wind brings all sorts of cloud formations and it is fun to just relax and watch it go by.  My parents have a lovely spot that is shaded and near the course at the park.

Holiday 3 2013

Another fun tradition is bowling!  We had such a blast playing a few games.  And we were proud of our son who played the first time without bumpers and even got a strike.  The ball slowly rolls down towards the pins, suspense builds like crazy, and the pins are gently knocked down.

Holiday 4 2013

I get a little bonding time with the two little fluff balls we call puppy dogs.  It’s so funny actually having lap sized dogs on my lap.  Our dogs think they are lap dogs but when they get on our laps we can’t see over them!   This one is Tommy, he was sniffing my phone as I took the picture.  🙂

Holiday 5 2013

Of course there is plenty of time to enjoy good food and wine.  🙂  Time slows down for us a bit and the kids just enjoy being silly and we enjoy hearing them laugh.

Holiday 6 2013

Traditions are a good thing….

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