Honored with the Liebster Award

Sweet Home Pasadena was kind of enough to nominate me for the Liebster Award.  Thank you so much for doing that!  🙂

liebster award


1. List eleven random facts about yourself.
2. Nominate eleven bloggers for the award.
3. Let them know about the nomination.
4. Answer the eleven questions you were asked when you were nominated.
5. Ask eleven questions for the new award winners to answer.

11 Random Facts about Myself:

1. I love fast cars.  If I won the lottery Bugatti would be getting a call.

2. I resist going down to the humane society and adopting a bunch of animals.  My back and my husband wouldn’t be pleased!

3. My two day jobs are real estate and taxes.  Hence this creative outlet.

4. I love the snow but hate the cold.

5. I love being bonus mum to two amazing kids.

6. I love to dance.  I think it enhances the cooking process.  🙂

7. I cry at sad movies.  I try to watch them at home.  I got caught out with the movie UP.  Definitely got me.

8. Top Gear UK cracks me up.  The other version doesn’t.

9.  I want to know what it would be like to fly first class overseas.  Not to be posh but to actually have the chance to lie flat and maybe get some sleep on the overnight flights!

10.  I hate shopping.

11.  I am grateful for such a wonderful husband who makes me smile every day and who takes such good care of his family.  He’s pretty awesome.  🙂

I’d like to nominate the following 11 blogs:

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Promenade Plantings

Enchanted Seashells

Life is Short.  Eat Hard

Saucy Pans

Jovina Cooks Italian

Spoon Feast

Cooking from the Heart

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Questions from Sweet Home Pasadena:

1. If you could pick one food to eat for the rest of your life and not gain weight by eating it, what would it be? Fish and chips.
2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  More morning but I don’t do caffeine so the start can be slow.
3. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you achieve your goal?  I wanted to be a fighter jet pilot.  I wear glasses and have asthma.  I didn’t get very far.
4. Would you rather fly like a bird or swim like a fish? Why? Fly like a bird. I’m afraid of drowning and I’d prefer to soar.
5. If you cook, what is your signature dish? If not, what is your favorite meal to order?  Hmm a tough one.  I make a pretty good chili
6. You’re at a karaoke bar. What would your first song be?  An instrumental.  Not sure you want me singing.
7. What is your favorite movie?  I like Princess Bride
8. If you could invite 3 people to dinner (living or dead, real or fictional) who would you pick?  Nelson Mandela, Agatha Christie, and Dr. Who.  Well, someone has to be able to take us back in time!
9. Who is your hero? Why?  Rosa Parks.  Courage isn’t always planned but it makes a big impact
10. If money were no object, where would you go on your next vacation?  I would do a round the world trip
11. If you could travel back in time, what year/era would you travel to?  The roaring 20’s.


And now questions for my nominees! 

1.  What is your earliest memory?

2.  What food would you like to try but haven’t had the chance?

3. If you were able to form a charity what would it be?

4. What fashion trend should be banned?

5.  What makes you crack up?

6. What is your pet peeve?

7. How far do you live from where you were born?

8. What is your favourite season?

9. What is your day job?

10. Where do you want to retire?

11.  What is your favourite hobby?



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  1. Congratulations Virginia! Sweet Home Pasadena picked good questions and it was fun reading your responses as well as your 11 random facts. It is interesting to see how your nominees respond to your interesting questions!

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