Peas Glorious Peas!

According to my husband it is hotter and muggier up here than in Atlanta and Austin.  Lucky us.  It is so oppressive at the moment and it looks like it will last for several days more.  Averaging about 90-95F/32-35C with a heat index of about 105F/40C.  I only know of one person, a good friend of mine, who is really happy about this, the rest of us are miserable!

And the peas choose this time to be ready to harvest.  Timing is everything!  It takes me a few days as I only have one tray that works to freeze the peas so I do this in stages.  We did use some fresh for our risotto the other day.  So wonderful with fresh picked peas.  🙂

The steps are easy.  Pick, shell, freeze, vacuum seal.   Done!

Peas 1 2013 Peas 2 2013 Peas 3 2013 Peas 4 2013

And they are a really nice treat eating them frozen as well.  Especially on a hot day!

14 thoughts on “Peas Glorious Peas!

  1. What a nice crop of peas. I bet they did taste wonderful in a risotto.
    Your husband was right. I live in the southeast and we are having temperatures in the mid 80s with quite a bit of rain. Crazy weather patterns these days..

  2. Fresh peas are the best! If I’m at all lucky, I may be able to find the last of them at the market this Saturday. They seem to come and go more quickly each year. 😉

    • This year seems a bit tough for some crops as well. They aren’t lasting as long as they did last year so we had to hustle to get the peas done. And the rhubarb is looking poorly.

  3. I love fresh peas, I like them whole myself but, I can see how they would be very tasty in risotto. I too would like that weather, or I’d love that weather really. I just love the heat. My ideal everyday temperature would be between 90-95. Most people think I’m crazy…lol! 😉

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