Ah the Old Wallet Made Out of Duct Tape Trick

School’s out for summer!  It is the first full week of school holiday and we’ve gotten loads of rain.  So we’ve been stuck inside.  We saw the sun this morning but it’s disappeared though rumour has it the sun will be back.  I really hope so as we were thinking a bit of mini golf would do the trick.  The rule is on their day’s off they can watch a bit of television in the morning.  But not all day as that just rots their brains.  I know, that’s what parents have said since the thing was invented but the crap that’s on nowadays really does rot the brain!

To keep things interesting we do crafts.  🙂  They asked about making duct tape wallets to go along with the duct tape bags they made during school break in April.  I went back to my pins and found this method for making the wallets from FrugalFun4Boys.  Looked relatively easy so we went for it.

Just don’t underestimate how it can go wrong with a 9 year old boy and seriously sticky duct tape.  There was a redo here or there but we got there in the end!

To do this you will need the duct tape of your choice, sharp scissors (I learned from last time!), a cutting board, and either a paper cutter or a utility knife.  If you use a utility knife a straight edge like a ruler is recommended.

Cut 9″ strips of the first duct tape and overlap 1/2″ lengthwise.  Then do the same for the second type of duct tape.  Stick those together leaving 1/2″ top and bottom to fold over and seal the edges.

Duct tape wallet 1 2013 Duct tape wallet 3 2013

The edges on the sides need to be cleaned up so I used the paper cutter for this.  It wouldn’t cut all the way through but it scored it so it was easy to cut and be in a straight line.  The finished dimensions on this part should be 8.5″ x 6″.  We got 8.5″ but the 6″ came out a bit short.  Given that he was eyeballing it I think my son did pretty well as it is hard to get exactly 1/2″ each time!

Duct tape wallet 2 2013 Duct tape wallet 4 2013

Set this aside and begin on the credit card pockets.  It is helpful to have a card on hand to make sure it would fit.  The method is the same as the first component but tear off 2 5″ strips of each duct tape and stick together.  Trim to 4″ wide.

Duct tape wallet 5 2013 Duct tape wallet 6 2013

Because the wallet was coming out a bit short we only had room for one more pocket but these directions are the same for two pockets or three total.  If you had room for 3 total you would take 2 strips 9″ long and stick them together then trim two pieces 4″ wide.

Duct tape wallet 7 2013 Duct tape 8 2013

I sealed the top of the small pocket with the contrasting tape.  Next line up the pockets and place a strip of tape down the left side.

Duct tape wallet 9 2013

Trim the excess and then place it on the top of the main wallet piece.  Because of the way the wallet will be folded it needs to be placed on the side that will be the outside. Tear a narrow strip and place it along the top of the wallet sealing the pockets onto the wallet.

Duct tape wallet 10 2013

Fold the wallet in half with the pocket on the outside of the fold.  Tear two more strips and seal the short ends.  Trim then put one more strip on the bottom and trim.

Duct tape wallet 11 2013 Duct tape wallet 12 2013

Fold in half with the pocket on the inside and you have a wallet!

Duct tape wallet 13 2013 Duct tape wallet 14 2013

Voila!  🙂  This is a quick and easy project for a rainy day.  Just need to get past the wicked stickiness of the tape.  🙂

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  1. I hope the rain cleared for you. Just how many wallets does a boy need? I got a laugh with your warning, “Don’t underestimate how it can go wrong with a 9 year old boy … ” Too funny.

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