Pavlova with Cardamom

The other night I made Coq au Vin and to finish the meal I decided to try my hand at pavlova.  My husband has made it a few times over the years and it is a really delicious dessert.  It is a simple recipe that just takes a bit of time.  I also had pinned this pavlova from Bangers & Mash awhile ago so I thought I would try out my new spice grinder and take her inspiration of cardamom and add it to my recipe which is from Joy of Baking.  🙂

To start I prepped the baking sheet by placing parchment paper on it and drawing a circle around the plate.  This is your guide when spreading the mixture out.  Then turn the parchment paper over so the food doesn’t touch the ink or pencil.  Pre-heat the oven to 250F/130C

Pavlova 1 2013

I guestimated what a teaspoon of ground cardamom would be as I was starting with whole pods.  I ground them up very fine for this dish.

Pavlova 2 2013

The recipe called for 4 egg whites so the dogs were really happy to get the yolks!  🙂

Pavlova 3 2013

With the mixer I whipped the whites until they formed soft peaks.

Pavlova 4 2013

Then I gradually add a tablespoon at a time of castor sugar until 1 cup has been incorporated.  You want to do your best to get the sugar fully dissolved.  Mine was almost there but the dish came out really well so it was ok for me.  Once the sugar was incorporated I added 1/2 tsp of vanilla and the cardamom.

Pavlova 5 2013

Then I had to gently fold in 1/2 tablespoon of corn starch (corn flour) and a teaspoon of white vinegar.  Hopefully when you do this your dog doesn’t decide to go berserk and start barking as you are trying to sprinkle the vinegar over the mixture.  Instead my vinegar went flying.  So after cleaning that up I tried again!  Geez.

Spread out the meringue onto the parchment paper so the thickness is somewhat uniform.

Pavlova 6 2013

This needs to be baked about 60-75 minutes.  The outside needs to be dry and set.  Once it is baked turn off the oven leaving the meringue in the oven with the door ajar.  Let it cool completely before moving it.  Pavlova 7 2013

For the first layer I used Bird’s custard again.  🙂  I could just eat a whole bowl of that!

Pavlova 8 2013

Then a layer of freshly whipped cream is spread over the custard then topped with fresh berries.

Pavlova 9 2013

Pavlova 10 2013

It is such a decadent dessert and disappears fast.

21 thoughts on “Pavlova with Cardamom

  1. I’ve never tasted a Pavlova, having led such a sheltered life. You really could not have made yours look more appealing. You said it best, “Decadent”.

  2. I’ve taught different little girls how to make this in cooking classes and they’re always so proud! It’s so impressive and easy! (Although we just did cream and berries!) yours is beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention Virginia. Your pavlova looks incredible. Rather like the idea of having a layer of custard too – as you say, very decadent!

  4. Virginia, pav is very special in New Zealand and your addition of cardamom is just fab! Thanks for bringing it on over. Cheers

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