Ricotta Cheese made from Whey

In my previous post about making swiss cheese I mentioned saving the whey for another recipe.  When making various cheeses you may find yourself with a good amount of whey left over.  Not wanting to waste this we make ricotta cheese.  It is a very simple cheese to make.  For this we used the book “Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking” by Gianaclis Caldwell.  It is an excellent book if you are moving beyond beginner cheeses.

Again it is important to make sure everything is sterile.

While continually stirring bring the whey up to 195-200F or 91-93C.  It is important this does not boil!

Ricotta 1 2013

Once the temp is reached let it cool back down to 190F/88C while stirring.  Now it is time to introduce the acid.  You can use lemon juice or vinegar, usually white or cider.  To do this 1 tablespoon is added at a time until the curds separate enough.

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Have a colander lined with cheese cloth or butter muslin over a large bowl to drain the cheese.

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Once most of it has been drained hang in a spot that is not drafty to let the rest of the whey drain.  This takes about an hour.

Ricotta 7 2013

Salt to taste if you like and then store in an airtight container in the fridge.  It keeps about a week.   I didn’t salt this as I wanted it for a recipe.

Ricotta 8 2013

What to do with the leftover whey after this recipe?  Compost pile or the garden.  🙂


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  1. I’ve tried making ricotta this way but never make enough cheese to have the whey necessary to make a usable amount of ricotta. What little I made was tasty, though, and I’m sure yours would be, too. You’re written another great how to post and I’m sure many will find it very useful.

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