Diesel Gala in Swanage

I like trains.  In the train world that comes across as a bit strange but I find them fascinating.  I think because I love machines.  I love steam trains and my husband is into D & Es.  So a year ago this weekend we headed to Swanage to see my in-laws and to attend the Diesel Gala.  It is happening again this weekend and I hope it is as successful as it was last year as it was a lot of fun.  Swanage Diesel Gala.

The weather was perfect and they had a wonderful beer festival at Harmon’s Cross so there was a great festive feel to the whole weekend.  In Swanage there is a great spot on the bridge to take pictures of all the action coming and going.

train 1 2013 Train 2 2013

The next day was gorgeous so we hiked to Corfe Castle and saw the trains rumble past.

train 4 2013

And of course we had to stop at Harmon’s Cross to sample the local beers and ciders.

train 3 2013

And lucky for me they still kept the steam trains running.  🙂  They had a bit of fun and added the D to the number for the occasion.

train 5 2013

Personally, I like to be where all the fun is so I grab a footplate ride when I can.  My FIL is the driver on this trip.  🙂  It’s the best seat in the house!

train 6 2013

They have the steam gala in September and some day I hope to go to that one.  That would be amazing.

8 thoughts on “Diesel Gala in Swanage

  1. I remember hiring an old cottage for holidays in the countryside between Corfe and Swanage, The children were young and loved it, as did we. Good memories. When I was at prep school I went on a steam train at the beginning of every term, leaving from Paddington and going to Kidderminster.

    • There is something special about steam trains. I had never been on one until my first visit to swanage 4 years ago. I love the sound of the train. It must have been neat as a child for you. Corfe is my favourite station to pull into with the castle right there.

    • It’s doing very well. That group works very hard. They usually have a dinner train on the weekends which is a lot of fun as well. You can have a lovely meal while the steam train takes you through the countryside.

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