Something Close to Black Sheep Ale….

Not long ago I discovered Black Sheep Ale and I really enjoy it.  As we like to brew our own beer I asked for a kit that clones the Black Sheep Ale.  The result was good but it came out more bitter than the Black Sheep.  Hence something close to Black Sheep Ale.

Before starting everything is sterilised!!  Very important.

Black Sheep Ale 1 2013

The kit comes with the hops,grains, and dry malt, we do the rest. 🙂

To start we put 2 gallons of water into the brew pot and started the heating process.  We then put the grains in the steeping bag and place it in the water.

Black Sheep Ale 2 2013

This needs to steep for 1/2 hour as the water is brought up to a temp of 170F/77C.

Black Sheep Ale 4 2013

Once the steeping is complete the grains are removed and drained.  The grains go on the compost pile.

Black Sheep Ale 5 2013

Bring the beer to a boil and then turn off the heat.  Add the dry malt, stirring as it is poured in.

Black Sheep Ale 7 2013

It is normal for the malt to become taffy like.  It takes quite a bit of stirring to dissolve it all.

Black Sheep Ale 8 2013

Bring it back to a boil.

Black Sheep Ale 9 2013

Now it is time for the hops.  The kits will come with the times needed to boil.  For this recipe it was a total hour for boiling.  The first to go in was 1oz of Challenger hops.

Black Sheep Ale 12 2013

1/2 hour after the first hops are put in 1/2oz of Golding hops are added then 45 minutes after the first hops were put in 1/2oz of Golding is put in.  After the hour is up turn off the heat.  This will be a foamy process but once the heat is off it will settle down.  Then it needs to go into the carboy.

Black Sheep Ale 13 2013

Add three more gallons of water.  Once it has cooled the yeast needs to be added.  There was something wonky with the yeast given to us this time round.  It was very bubbly and not a whole lot of substance.  We called the brew place and they said to try it and if nothing happens to get some more.  So we tried it.  It took awhile to get going but eventually it did it’s thing.

After a couple of weeks it is ready to bottle.  The steps are the same as our Hefeweizen.  We waited four weeks after bottling to try it.

Black Sheep Ale 14 2013

It wasn’t too bad but not the same as Black Sheep.  Black Sheep is a smoother ale.  But this was enjoyable and it won’t go to waste!

25 thoughts on “Something Close to Black Sheep Ale….

  1. I’m so impressed by your brewing endeavors – I don’t think I’ve tried home brew since the eighties and it seems to have come on a long way, it certainly was a different animal from the fine brews you produce, I’d really like to find time to give these a try. Thanks.

  2. I often pass a Home Brewery shop and have stopped to have a look. I’m just not ready to make the leap yet. In the meantime, I’ll do my brewing vicariously through you. 🙂

  3. Funny how you can find a post and read it and not realize you’ve read it before. Not until I saw my comment. So, originally I made that comment about 13 months ago. I guess you were part of my motivation to finally give it a try. Did my first batch at the end of July last year and this past weekend brewed up batch 7 and 8. Each batch has gotten better and better with practice and research. Batch 8 was my first all grain batch. Maybe someday, I’ll take pictures of the process and start blogging about it. Anyway, thanks again for the inspiration.

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