And so it begins with transplanting…..

Given that we just got dumped on by a ton of snow, there are probably several of us who would love to see some green.  This is partly why I am so anxious to start our plants in January!  We planted a few different plants a couple of weeks ago and I showed the seed planting then.  While a few are starting to pop up the broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are going like gangbusters!

seedlings 1 2013

I couldn’t believe how well they are doing.  It’s great because we’ll have very healthy plants to put in the ground come April when the ground is workable.  As we did have a major storm and I realised my bigger pots are in the carriage house I had to make do with smaller 6 packs for now.  I carefully spooned out each seedling and put them each into their own cell.  Watering as I went so they don’t go into shock.

seedlings 2 2013

They will lay down and act like they’ve given up sometimes but they perk up.  I put the clear cover over them and back onto the heating pads and under the grow lights.  So now every one-two weeks we’ll be transplanting and staging the seedlings until it’s time to put them out in the real world….

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  1. I love pictures of green shoots. Really uplifts any miserable mood! The snow is a-tipping here too (although not nearly as bad as I’m sure you’re having) and I am so desperate to get into the garden. x

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