First big winter storm of the year….

My family and I moved stateside July of ’77 when I was 4.  Funnily enough so did my husband.  Out of all of us only my mum knew what New England winters could really bring.  It wouldn’t be long before we found out.  35 years ago this past week a major blizzard blindsided NE.  It was a dangerous storm that took many lives especially those stranded in cars on the 128.  It was also one to stick in my memory as I couldn’t believe the amount of snow right outside our door.  My dad was lucky that day as he listened to his instinct and headed home before most that day.  His commute included the 128.  I remember him digging a hole for my sister and me to play in while he tackled the driveway with a shovel.  While it wasn’t a long driveway, it was a hell of a job with just a shovel.  For images of that storm check out for more information.

Fortunately we now own a snowblower and have better notice to when these storms come.  New Englanders are a bit jaded as many times we are warned that the storm of the century is coming!  That’s a bit rare but this was a big storm we just had.  It took us 2 hours to clear our driveway, porches, pathways, the greenhouse, and the cars.  If we didn’t have the snowblower I think we’d still be out there!  So here are some pictures of our snow.  The sun finally came out and it’s a pretty day but these photos are from earlier when it was still snowing.

The calm before the storm:

storm 1 2013

It took awhile for the storm to start.  It was about 12 hours late!  But finally it began…

storm 2 2013

This morning we awoke to nearly two feet of snow and it was still snowing.

storm 3 2013

storm 4 2013

Our dogs didn’t know what to do.  Guinness wanted to go right back in the house.  🙂  They ended up kind of hopping over the snow.  It was really hard to take them for a walk.  I fell twice.  Fortunately the snow was soft!  And of course I had several layers on.

storm 7 2013 storm 8 2013

Murphy tries to eat all the snow in sight but even he couldn’t keep up with it all.  But he gave it his all!

Here is a shot from down the road at the cemetery.  This cemetery dates back to the 1700’s.

storm 9 2013

The wind wouldn’t quit at all when we were doing the clearing.  It was a bit much.

storm 5 2013

I had to clear a path to the oil pipe so we can still get deliveries.  The snow on the edges was chest height by the time I finished.

storm 6 2013

Just wish it was our week to have the kids.  We would be building some epic forts!  🙂

12 thoughts on “First big winter storm of the year….

  1. Wow so much snow! We have quite a lot of snow here in Munich, too but not as much as you guys have. I hope you didn’t get hurt too much when you fell.
    Very nice pictures 🙂 Your dogs look so cute in the snow.

  2. Awesome pics! they really brought back memories of growing up in Michigan-some years we got that much snow and all I remember is how much fun it was! course I wasn’t the one doing anything but playing and taking breaks for hot chocy!

  3. Glad to hear that you’re well and coping. For me, it’s always been a question of whether the power has been affected. With it, I can sit here and outlast just about anything. Once it goes, however, all bets are off. Wishing you all a speedy return to normalcy.

    • The purple house is our neighbor and the stone house is down the street from us. That one was built in 1830 or so. We have a Queen Anne Victorian that is a painted lady. 🙂 We have a lot of old homes in our town. Well, old being relative….

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