Tomato Ginger Chicken

Last week I came across this wonderful looking recipe from Karista’s Kitchen.  It was for Slow Cooked Red Ginger Chicken and I knew I wanted to do something like this.  But I didn’t have a lot of time and it was cold and I was tired but I wanted the flavour.  So I took inspiration from her recipe and came up with this.  I do plan at some point to follow hers when I have a chance.

This recipe is served on a baked potato so you’ll need to get that cooked while this is being prepared.

I took a chicken breast and cubed it then sauteed it in olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Tomato Ginger Chicken 2 2013

While that was cooking I finely chopped several cloves of garlic and peeled a chunk of fresh ginger.  The ginger was about 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch by 1 inch or so.

Tomato Ginger Chicken 1 2013

I tossed in the garlic and added 1 cup of my homemade tomato sauce.  As that started to simmer I used a zester to finely mince up the ginger and added it to the mixture.

Tomato Ginger Chicken 4 2013

I added maybe a 1/4 cup plus of soy sauce.  I prefer to use the low sodium kind.  We are growing cilantro (coriander leaves) so I had some fresh leaves to chop up and add to the dish.

Tomato Ginger Chicken 3 2013

Tomato Ginger Chicken 5 2013

I added a splash of lime juice to taste and let it simmer until the chicken was fully cooked.  Slice the baked potato open and top with the chicken and sauce.

Tomato Ginger Chicken 6 2013

I loved the brightness of the ginger in this dish.  It was a great comfort food meal without being heavy.  Overall a pretty healthy meal.


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  1. Definitely trying this recipe. I tried making my own ginger/curry chicken the other day and although it tasted good, there wasn’t much of a sauce as I had hoped. Seems like tomato sauce is part of the answer (; Thanks for sharing!

  2. My favorite kind of recipe: easy and tasty, I would never have thought to serve this over a potato and love the sound of it. I’m going to “pin” this so I won’t lose it.

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