Roast Vegetables

The last bit that I did for the Sunday Roast was to do up some roast veg.  I have to apologise about the photos.  I have an excellent camera and lately I must be rushing and so some photos have been coming out a bit blurry.  As in this post.  I need to slow down!

We grow a wide variety of veg in our garden.  For this dish we have parsnips, white carrots, red carrots, and Brussels Sprouts.  As we had our first frost already it was perfect timing for this dish.

I roasted these in the same oven as the roast beef.  I put a pan with olive oil into the oven to heat the oil.  I then peeled the parsnips and carrots and chopped them into small chunks.  I cut the Brussels Sprouts in half.  Toss the parsnips and carrots in the olive oil and pop into the oven.

When the veg is about halfway done I then added the Brussels Sprouts.  Roast until cooked.  My husband and I had a discussion afterwards about whether it would be better to boil or microwave the veg a bit beforehand so they roast more evenly.  I will be trying that next time.

I pour a bit of gravy over the veg to serve.  Again the gravy is the same as with the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.  To round out the meal I also served roast potatoes.

13 thoughts on “Roast Vegetables

  1. Jealous of your home grown vegetables. I am yet to see a white carrot for real. You are so lucky to have fresh veggies. If I were you I’d feel like Jamie Oliver plucking veggies from the yard soil and all and bringing it in the kitchen to cook. Ahhh…I can only dream!

    • I microwave the potatoes before roasting. So the outside gets nice and golden brown and the inside is cooked through properly. I got the tip from my mum. At first I thought it was crazy but it works really well.

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