Grilled Portobello Caps

Sometimes delicious food is the easiest to make.  Take portobello caps on the grill.  Incredibly yummy and just a few steps.  I’ll do this up quickly if we need to add more veg to our meal, pizza for example, or we want it on a salad.

To prep I just pour on a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper.  I used to get more fancy with it and add other things before cooking but I find that this is the best way.  Sometimes I will grate some cheese on it when cooked.

I grill on medium heat and only turn once or twice.  Just be careful when you turn it over and the olive oil hits the flames.  It can be quite spectacular!  🙂  This only takes about 5-8 minutes depending on the grill temp and how cooked down you prefer it to be.

This is wonderful by itself or as a compliment to another dish you are making.  And again, hardly takes any time at all!  Which is fabulous when you are juggling family and house.  🙂


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