Green House Part 1

I am absurdly pleased and excited about this little project.  We’re not finished yet but most of it is complete.  This past year some of our rooms were overtaken by seedlings.  Looked like a jungle!  Good stuff.  🙂  But we needed a solution and Rich found a kit from Harbor Freight for a 6′ x 8′ green house.

It finally cooled down enough to dig into this project this past weekend.  We decided the best way to anchor the greenhouse to the ground would be using concrete anchor with brackets for the base we wanted to build.

As you can see from the picture we are overwhelmed with rocks.  It took several hours over two days to dig out the holes for the anchors and to level the ground.  It was very hard work!  This area of our back garden was a tarmac a few years ago so we are dealing with a lot of sandy fill.  Plus side is we now have a ton of rocks for a fire pit.

We used 4 x 4 pressure treated lumber to build the base to put the green house on.  We can get quite the storm here in New England so we want to make sure our little green house doesn’t end up in Kansas!  Because the green house states a height of 6’5″ tall at the peak we wanted to raise it up a bit as well as Rich is 6′ tall and it has to be practical for him as well.

We had storms come through on Saturday so we built the frame in our carriage house.  Which was a good thing so if we dropped a bolt we could find it.  On Sunday the weather was gorgeous so we brought out the frame and attached it to the base.  The next step was to get all the panels in and square everything up.  It was a little tricky with some sections but we made it work.  I do not like the pins to hold the panels in!  They can snap back at you and leave little bruises on your hands.  I used a screwdriver to push in the ends and that saved my fingers a bit.

This kit has a sliding door and window vents in the roof.  Let me tell you the vents are needed right now!  It was like a sauna in there while we were putting things together.

The next step we are in the middle of is getting the inside sorted.  9 bags of sand were put down over landscape fabric and we have the stepping stones in.  We are going to build a few benches then put down stone for the rest of the floor.  Stay tuned……

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