Jean Greenhowe’s Young Elsie

When Rich and I were in England earlier this year I was introduced to Jean Greenhowe’s patterns for knitted doll figures.  They are really adorable so when I got back I looked for them here.  I was able to order a few books online and they came this week.

I am making this one for my 3 year old niece:

Turns out this is a lot easier to knit than Aran jumpers!  Given that it’s mostly st-st go figure.  🙂  My kids love them too so hopefully I can get this one done quickly then make one each for my kids.  There is a pirate I can do for my son and a cooking one I can do for my daughter.

I’ll post a picture of the finished project when completed.

3 thoughts on “Jean Greenhowe’s Young Elsie

  1. They are super cute. She’s such a prolific pattern maker. There are quite a few ‘free’ patterns of Jean’s on the net. I loved knitting the play food for my grand daughter. My Mum knitted the clown for my grand children. (he had an umbrella – a suitcase and camera) ♥ Look forward to seeing yours finished.

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