The Kitchen Garden

For the longest time I dreamed of a bountiful kitchen garden.  Finally when I moved in with my husband 4 years ago we got started on what was stuck in my head for years.  I am very fortunate that Rich is willing to do a lot of digging!   Each year we add a little bit more with raised beds and plots to our small bit of land.  We started out with buckets the first year then graduated to one small raised bed the next.  We now have 9 raised beds!  And it will grow some more.

Here is a picture from earlier in the season:

We are lucky that this part of our garden gets the southern sun and plenty of sun all day long.  Though this year we could have used more rain!  Our rain barrel got quite low a couple of times.

We rotate the crops each year and use our compost pile throughout the year.  We have to be careful how we decide on the crop placement as we don’t have rain gutters and where we planted the tomatoes last year was a mistake.  The rain, in bad storms, shoots a direct hit into one bed and flattened the plants last year!  So only hearty veg in that bed from now on.  At least until we get gutters.

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    • Thank you! We have stages set up for composting. A free pile as that is where we put the sod from digging. Then we have three sections built out of pallets. We turn them over as the organic matter breaks down. I’ll have to take some photos and do a post about it. It is really easy and we get some great soil from it.

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