As we have only been seriously gardening a few years now we are still on a learning curve.  One of the things we tried this year were potatoes.  I also got hooked on Pinterest this year and found ways to do a potato tower.  So we ordered our seed potatoes where we get our organic seeds, which is High Mowing Seeds in Vermont.
The potatoes came up quickly after we set up the tower.  And we kept adding soil as they grew to encourage more potato growth.  I wasn’t quick enough with the tiny red bugs that ate the leaves so we had to harvest the potatoes a little early.  We had a decent little harvest:

They are yummy!  Next year I think we’ll do two towers with the same amount of seed potatoes to give them more room to grow.  And I’ll be quicker off the mark with the hot pepper/dishwater spray to kill the bugs.  Which means we’ll have to sort out the root cellar!



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